In Memoriam


Bio for President, Liz Cousins

Liz jokes she was practically born into music. From an early age her sister would take her along to punk shows in L.A. When she'd like something, she'd rock out. When she didn't, she'd hide behind her sister's hair. Since then she has worked as:

-Clerk at Tower Records, Anaheim, CA (1993-1995)
-Music Director for College station KLBC (Long Beach, CA)
-College Rep
for EMI Music, CA (1994-1997)
-Interned for Mercury Records, CA (1994-1995)
-Personal Assistant to Danny Elfman, CA (1995-1997)
-Promoter for rave club Magic Wednesdays, CA (1996-1997)
-College/Specialty Radio for Ignition Records, NYC (1997-1998)
-College/Specialty/Tertiary Radio for Tommy Boy, NYC (1998-2002)

Once Tommy Boy went out of business in 2002, Liz took a long, hard look at what she wanted to do. The result? Notorious Radio. Helping bands when they need help the MOST, and giving them the same brand of attention she gave the bands at the labels.

She now lives and works in Astoria, NYC with her husband Daniel (who built this site) and three cats Flakey, Elian and Mao. Outside of music, her passions including tap dancing, gardening, horror movies and cooking. Her heroes include Hunter S. Thompson (RIP) and Tony H. Wilson (RIP).



Click here to Submit Music to Notorious Radio

We are currently accepting submissions from Alternative, Rock, Indie, Folk, Bluegrass, Americana, Punk, Shoegaze, Singer/Songwriter, Dreampop, Emo, etc. bands & artists. As a smaller, more focused company, if you DO NOT fit into these formats (roughly anything guitar-based), please do not submit your music to us. We won't waste your time if you don't waste our time."Serious Applicants Only Please". If you do not fit one of the formats above, we will NOT respond to your submission.

To submit material, please use this link. You MUST fill out the entire form or it will not send. If something does not apply to you, just type in n/a. You will then be directed to a "thank you" page.

After you send your email, we will check out the music and will email or call you back.

***Please note as of July 22, 2012 we unfortunately cannot consider anyone as "on the schedule" unless at least a payment of half the agreed funds is made. This truly bums us out as for 10 years we were able to deal mostly in handshakes, but you know what one bad apple can do. Or in this case, three. Thanks for your understanding!

Liz's E-book, "Fundamentals of DIY Radio Promotion", is available here! To purchase, email by clicking here