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"If you want a truly professional radio promoter that carries an incredible amount of zeal and integrity to every record then look no further. Notorious Radio delivers exactly what you would expect and more with up to date reports, excellent communication and an overall professionalism that is not easy to find. I feel very lucky to have found Liz at Notorious Radio. We worked together every step of the way to push my 2nd record higher in the charts and exponentially gain a much greater listening audience."

-Bret Coats
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"Of the indie radio promoters out there, I'd recommend 'Notorious' Liz Cousins, mainly because she seems to be the only one whose current client list isn't clogged by delusional Nashville wannabe bimbos and hunks."

-John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music, FAR
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"You rock, Liz! Heard "My Closest Friend" on WLUW today, after hearing
"Broke Down Carousel" on KZSC - Super cool!! Thank you."

-RX Bertoldi
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"I found Notorious after an exhaustive search for a good radio promotion company. I received a prompt reply to my email inquiry and a great first phone call with Liz. She is a genuinely friendly person and more importantly a no-bullshit-person, which can be hard to find in the music industry. Liz was very clear in what she would do for us and she followed through on everything. One thing I particularly appreciated was the detailed updates we got from her every week. It's nice to see your hard earned money at work.

Much to our delight our single was well received by specialty radio stations and actually climbed up to #6 on the FMQB chart! Liz then went out of her way to help us make the transition to another promo company that works with the mainstream stations. Cool thing is, we've developed friendships with several DJ's that first heard about us through Liz! There are some good people in the radio business and Liz seems to know all of them.

I highly recommend Notorious Radio. We're forever grateful."
- Dusty Graves, Stellar Corpses
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We found Liz and Notorious Radio through the "A Taste Of Triple A" radio music CD sampler. After having some mild success with the sampler we looked deeper into the info that they provided. One being radio promotion. There were a ton of them. Names, Links, etc. Kind of overwhelming.

Notorious Radio stood out because Liz took the time to write a little bit about her services on that info sheet. That drew us in. Once we were at her site we knew she, out of all the many others, was the one.. Her honest approach to the real deal that is radio has proven to be a very valuable asset. There's no fishing here. She knows exactly who to send your product to in able to get the best results.
No time or money wasted.

Fortunately our CD "Dance In The Sun" was very well received by radio. As of Aug. 2012 we are #99 on the AMA charts and have been climbing ever since our debut. Liz didn't stop there. We are now in the next phase of her abilities with even larger markets and I can't imagine why we wouldn't receive the same warm welcoming from these stations as we did from the first batch. She has the touch.

Bottom line, Liz @ Notorious Radio knows how the radio thing works on multiple levels and she gets results. The Deadfields couldn't be happier and will continue to work with Liz as long as she'll have us...

-Jeff Gardner - The Deadfields
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"The person who recommended Liz to us simply said, "Trust me when I tell you that you will LOVE her." Truer words have rarely been spoken. Liz has been an absolute joy to work with. She's in touch with me several times a week about how our radio campaign is going, and her enthusiasm for the music and for her work is genuine and infectious. And she really delivers. A month after our record release, she'd helped us climb to the #7 spot on the FAR chart and the #55 spot on the AMA chart—so much better than this bunch of do-it-yourselfers would've ever managed on our own. If you're thinking of hiring Liz, trust me when I tell you that you will LOVE her."

-Becky Warren, The Great Unknowns
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American Roots artist D.B. Rielly had some really dang nice things to say.
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"Notorious Radio has done for my band what would have been extremely difficult to do for ourselves. With her weekly updates and helpful, personalized advice, Liz guided us through our first major radio experience with professionalism and kindness, a rarity in the music business today. Her rates are great and with her help our album charted on FAR in the top 5 and made it onto the AMA charts as well.
Go team! We'll definitely be using her services for our next release."

-Vanessa Neiman, Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue
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"By getting Intimate Stranger onto a myriad of great radio stations across the USA, including Rodney on the Roq,Indie SF, RIFF, Austin's 101X, etc.,as well as into both the Top 10 of the KKBB singles chart and Top 20 FMQB Album chart, Liz Cousins and Notorious Radio have added weight and fans to the band's recent live tour and helped drive the  band to another level. This campaign has added value in multiple aspects including: greater exposure, higher band awareness and desirability; fan base growth, expanded venue demand, higher income and greater recognition within the industry. Thanks so much for an excellent job."

-Derek Woodgate, Manager, Intimate Stranger and on behalf of Fringecore Records
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"Working with Liz at Notorious has been a great experience, and her hard work has earned our band exposure on more stations than far more expensive promotion companies we've used in the past, which says a lot about both her abilities to promote, and the costs of doing so being quite reasonable! What also struck me, while Liz would listen to the material to get a feel for what she felt would work best for the stations she services, she would also be just as interested in the bands feelings and thoughts as to what might get spun on the stations. It takes an enormous amount of energy to cast vision to others, and that surely applies to new music on the air, or over the wire, as well. I admire Liz's commitment, and it's important to note, what she does is every bit as important and as much a part of the art as the music itself. It takes a team to make it happen, which means help outside the band, and promotion is a big piece to the project puzzle! I certainly can relate to the line... It's not music if it doesn't get heard. Thank ya Liz!"

-Troy Rickerson, The Follow
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"Introducing a new artist to the US radio market is a daunting task, but our experience with Liz has been nothing short of amazing. With a great contact base and an attitude towards her job, winning the hearts of the programmers as well as the ears, Notorious is our choice for specialty radio plugging."

-Stephen Green, SGC Media/Australia
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"I have been so happy with the work that Liz and Notorious radio has done for me with the release of my album. Liz is so hard working, positive and does not waste time just gets the job done.. She walks the talk!!  I have been thrilled by the amount of radio play I have received as a self released artist and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  You can trust Liz: she is so valuable in this crazy music business!"

-Jackie Bristow/New Zealand
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"In an industry where you can waste huge amounts of cash on fruitless promotion that promises everything and delivers very little in the way of concrete, purposeful results, Notorious Radio shines through as a motivated, communicative, skilled and affordable go-getter of top radio exposure.  So often in the area of radio promo, quality music can slip through the cracks and not get exposed to those who should be hearing it.  Notorious ensures with contemplative planning and follow up that this will not happen unnecessarily and that if the exposure is there to be had, you will have it.  It was our pleasure to work with Liz and Notorious Radio"

-Rob, SENECA, Ireland
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"In an industry filled 99% with complete bull-shiters, Liz is the exception to the rule. She'll tell you exactly how it is and will put her heart and soul into pushing the music she is promoting. You can't ask for anything more in this industry. She's gotten tons more radio play for us then I ever could have expected. And Btw- She's an F'ing bargain!!!"

-Keith Lacock, The Van Gobots
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"Liz is an absolute professional in her field!  Through Liz, I have been able to discover and feature new and aspiring artists from around the world to the world!  Liz and Notorious Radio are true to their word and I HIGHLY recommend their services to ANY great indie/DYI band/artist who are hungry for true promotions!"

-Rob Stephenson (DJ SpeedKing)
Host: The WAKE UP DEAD Morning Show
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"Since starting to work with Notorious Radio in the Autumn of 2008, we have seen the label’s profile at radio in the States multiply faster than a colony of rabbits on amphetamines. The campaigns for both My Device and The Race have served up excellent results which have allowed us to get both bands on the first rung of the ladder in the US. If only we could find ourselves a PR company that was equally enthusiastic, driven and resourceful…. Thanks Liz!"

-Dave Newton, Shifty Disco, Oxford, England
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"Liz does a great job! She's renewed thought that good, honest, independent radio promoters still DO exist! We hope to work with her on our next release."

- Matt Friscia, Fire-Tone Records
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"Before a couple months ago, I didn't even think of radio as a viable outlet for our project.  It was because of Notorious Radio's outstanding groundwork that my opinion has turned completely around.  Liz is a godsend - she's opened many doors that I didn't know could be opened for us.  I am astounded by the success of the campaign, and Notorious Radio is definitely my choice for specialty promotion in the future!"

-Daniel Lee, The Invisible Kid
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"If you're just learning the ropes of how commercial radio works, Liz is a great person to have as a teacher. She was always honest, showed genuine support for my music, and got back to me quickly whenever I had questions.
Liz put a sincere effort into getting my songs the airplay they received."

-Heidi-Jane, Listen Here
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"Working with Notorious Radio was an excellent experience for Tetrafusion. Although our music was a little tough to get through to a few of the stations, Notorious Radio did an outstanding job to push our music through to dozens of commmercial stations nationwide. After receiving a significant amount of airplay after a few weeks, the radio stations loved our music, and we received many commens and messages through MySpace claiming we sounded good on the radio. Having a large list of radio stations who have played us has played a VITAL role as far as credibility to a lot of record labels and endorsement opportunities that we are now pursuing. We have recommended many bands to work with Notorious Radio, as they are one of the most prompt, legit, and professional promotional agencies we have EVER worked with. Tetrafusion plans to work with Notorious Radio when we release our next album, due early 2010!!"

-Mark Michell, Tetrafusion
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"Metal/Heavy Rock bands that are doing it themselves w/out a major record label know that getting radio airplay outside of your local region is next to impossible but Notorious Liz gets it done!  We went from getting consistent local airplay in Maine to being heard in several states across the country including NY, ND, KC, NC, SC, PA, OR, MN, OH, GA, MO, WI, RI, CA, and more!  Liz has a great knack for radio promotion and it was definitely a smart move teaming up with her!  Thank you Liz!"

-Matt Truman, Dead Season
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"Liz is flat out great to work with.  She's extremely responsive, professional, fun, and best of all, creates amazing results.  We've done promotion through other vendors in the past, and the results with her have been by far the best!  I love working with Liz and I would recommend her to any friend, family member or fellow musician."

-Mischa Suemnig, Mighty Fairly
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"Liz gets your music to the folks that need to hear it, plain and simple. She is both realistic and methodical in her approach. As an independent artist, it is important to build a solid team around you with people who have an unyielding desire to take the music to bigger and better places. Liz does that with ease and professionalism. Presenting positive and negative developments in a campaign simultaneously to an artist is sometimes hard to do for a publicist. Liz not only internalizes this information, but also has a concise plan of action to create and nurture the momentum your album is producing."

-Johnny Mann, Computer vs. Banjo
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"Our latest album 'Arms Raised On Rooftops' charted in the Top 15 of Specialty Radio with the likes of The Shins, Calla, and Bloc Party thanks to Notorious L.I.Z. - we can't thank her enough for everything she has done for us. There's unlimited opportunities for your band once you start getting airplay with the big guns!"

-Brad from SHADE

"I first started working with Liz after visiting a radio station on a tour stop promoting Little Tiny Secrets. The Music Director told me to look her up - and I am so grateful. Not only was she great to work with and an all-around professional, but her weekly reports were detailed for each station so I knew exactly where my album stood with them. I tell everyone who asks me about radio promotion about NOTORIOUS LIZ!!"

-Betty Soo
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"We (Partly Cloudy) are wrapping one hell of a year. Here's the scoop: We have been added to over 200 radio stations (commercial and college), Showcased during SXSW, landed 6 endorsement deals, we are being featured on Tivo, PSP, Play Station 3 online, Wii online, and just signed 5 licensing deals with MTV, E!TV, and Oxygen network, landed a management deal and showcased for several labels! All while touring full time. AND IT ALL STARTED WITH NOTORIOUS RADIO! Wihout a doubt, Notorious Radio is got us the connections that made our year so successful! Thank you Liz for everything! We can not wait until our new record comes out so we have an opportunity to work with her again!"

-Dave Harms, Partly Cloudy
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"Liz is one of the only people I trust in the music industry. Period. She's as straight-up as they come, works hard, and doesn't promise things she can't deliver. It's hard to quantify the work that radio and PR people do, so it's nice to feel like -- in this case -- my money was well-spent. Gracias Miz Liz!"

-Tori Sparks
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"Notorious Liz is an absolute dream to work with, she goes above and beyond and truly believes in the artist. Folks like Liz are few and far between in this industry and if you get a chance to work with her I would not hesitate for a second."

-Noush Skaugen
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"The decision to choose Liz and Notorious Radio to bring Nationwide attention about Pinhead has been very positive. Liz's steadfast approach has brought our music to the masses successfully. Since the radio promotion, we have received opportunities to tour and we believe successful next steps toward signing. Kudos to Liz!"

- Pherber Jones, Pinhead
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"Liz is the best! We were a little shaky with the genre style and we worried it would be hard for anyone to pull off -- but not for one second did Liz show us it couldn't be done. And the results were instant and so much better than what we had in mind! Way to go Notorious, knock 'em dead :)"

-Chelsea Schwartz, Retone Records
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"We are tremendously pleased with Liz's work. Within a matter of a few short weeks our debut album FIRE IN THE SKY began playing at more than 50 stations around the country. Over the past few months we reached several top 10 lists, singles charts, album charts and had the opportunity to hit number one on 3WK, a veteran internet radio station. From College Radio to Clear Channel stations to the online world, Liz has the scope and vision to push your music places it may never see otherwise. With the music business still grappling with the new era of diminished profits and confusion, don't sit around and wait for something to change, take it into your hands and be heard."

-Tommy Dietrick / sky parade
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"I think Liz must have some kind of 6th sense à la John Peel about music, or she spends a lot of time choosing the right stuff. Probably both, actually. Everything she suggests for airplay is just plain top-notch."

-Paul DeMicheli, Mondo Blu Radio
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“We were pretty psyched when Liz came on board for a priority project we had planned to release just after the New Year. We honestly weren’t sure how radio was going to react to the extremely quirky and eclectic sounds of Seedy Gonzales, and yet Liz was confident. While we were biting our nails, Liz got much love and respect from her radio colleagues, charting Top 10 in both album and singles specialty radio charts for over 4 weeks! Phenomenal.”

-Polsia Ryder, Label President, Gigantic Music
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"Liz is amazing!!! As far as the team we assembled for the release of our record, Liz would certainly win the Most Valuable Player. She's hard working, thorough and gets amazing results. We can't say enough good things about her and what she's done for us!"

-Cooper, bass/vox, Bang Sugar Bang
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“Liz is a MOTHERFUCKER! She’ll push your record straight to hell!” to quote a radio promoter I had a drink with recently. Liz is well-known and well-respected by the djs and her peers in the industry, which talking to people at music conferences/festivals in the past few weeks confirmed. While Liz worked our record, our single rose steadily up the charts, with three weeks in the Top 25 and ending in the Top 10. Station djs are trying to get us to play shows in their markets, we’ve been added to festivals...Definitely recommended. "

-Aaron Jentzen, Chalk Outline Party
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"Notorious rocks! I can tell you from experience. If you have a good song, L.I.Z. will take it to the top of the charts!!!"

-Erv Karwelis, President, Idol Records
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"I first met Notorious L.I.Z. over 8 years ago when she was working for Tommy Boy, working the likes of Everlast, JoyDrop, Sneaker Pimps, etc. She now runs her own promotion company and is a huge supporter of small indie and unsigned artists. I know for a fact she has helped a lot of bands for way too little payment, just to get them noticed. She lives in NY, sees a lot of shows, listens to TONS of demos, and is one of the strongest supporters of indie artist I know. With this much experience, coupled with THAT much passion, and band who she thinks has what it takes is definitely in good hands."

-Robert Goodman, Programmer, WPLA, Jacksonville
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"Notorious L.I.Z. was the "real deal" when it came to getting spins & feedback for our project at Specialty. She came highly recommended from a very respected source at Radio and she more than delivered the "goods". She's a total pro, with a tenacity that's second to none when working a project. I highly recommend her, especially to indie bands that normally wouldn't get the kind of exposure at Radio that she can deliver."

-Robert Allen, President, Sha-la Music
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"10 Reasons why you should hire LIZ:
1.LIZ is connected.
2.LIZ reputation speaks for itself (read the other testimonials).
3.LIZ returns calls and emails very quickly.
4.LIZ politely answers all of your questions (including the dumb ones).
5.LIZ loves good music.
6.LIZ knows good music.
7.LIZ goes above and beyond the call of duty.
8.LIZ will get you results if your record fits radio.
9.LIZ is honest.
10.Hire LIZ now before she realizes that she can charge more for what she does!"

-Arthur Yoria, Arthur Yoria
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"I am very pessimistic about "services" that people offer up to indie bands and
artists. I have been approached by dozens of people who make offers that
seem to be nothing more than a way of making a buck off of unsuspecting and
eager artist. Liz and Notorious Radio are most definitely not one of those "services". Liz is a real industry professional who accomplishes exactly what she sets out to do. Before Liz, the thought of getting radio play for an Unsigned, independent band was a joke to me. I had no idea that what she accomplishes was even possible. Because of Liz, we were played in radio markets across the county.....and we consistently made Specialty radio charts. Notoroius Radio brought us accomplishments in 6 weeks that would have, quite possibly, never achieved on our own. I highly recommend Liz and Notorious Radio to any truly can open a lot of doors. Thanks Liz!"

-Tom Demagall, Bassist, Pleasure Technicians
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"Liz and the team at Notorious are awesome!! They work our projects with a high level of attention to detail – Liz really cares about the music, and she makes things happen!! I would recommend Notorious to anyone who’s serious about having their music promoted effectively to radio."

-Jason Spiewak, Studio E Records
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"Notorious L.I.Z. truly represents the bands. She takes the time to get to know my show, and when I get a recommend from her I can be sure that A) it's good, and B) It'll fit the show."

-Buddy Wiley, KRTQ, Tulsa

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"Given the state of radio, our band wouldn't have considered radio promotion in 8 hundred billion years. And then Liz called. The next thing I knew we were cracking the top 15 at specialty radio. Liz is definitely not a cog in the rusty (yet oily) machine, servicing whatever tripe du jour people throw at her. She has her own vision and her own tastes, and works hard w/artists she believes in, regardless of trends. She sought us out on her own and then produced impressive, unexpected results. She's thorough and extremely accessible. With more Liz's around, the Independent music world would be much better off. Viva Notorious!"

-Rick Ness, singer/guitarist, NESS
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"Endochine has been 'DIY' for two years and extremely sensitive about adding new people to our 'team'. I had recommendations to contact 'Notorious Liz' from several trusted sources and they were spot on - I never expected we would be Top 20 on all of the Specialty Charts in our first week, let alone as high as #6 and featured in trades like R&R!!! Liz is a top notch pro, both with the task at hand and as a person - she is always responsive, always accessible and most importantly, always going 'heart first' into the project. We couldn't be happier to have her as part of the 'Endochine family'."

-Trevor Hance, manager, Endochine
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"Liz and the Notorious crew can only be described as 'Hustlers' and that is meant in the most respectful way. The Pieces garnered numerous specialty spins that resulted in sales in key markets for us. Plus having the band charting at all the trades leading into our AAA campaign only helped fuel the fire. And after talking with some of the show hosts, Liz is one of the most respected indies in the game."

- Josh Baker, President, Benchmark Records
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"Notorious Liz f-n' rocks -- forward & to the point! She's very accessible, willing to talk via tele anytime, and extremely hardworking. I would have never considered radio-play for 'shade', until I met Liz --- if she really believes in a record, she throw it all out there for it. And the contacts we've made thus far from Liz's hard-work, I can't thank her enough. I plan to hire Liz for our next EP if she'll take it. And most importantly, Liz is just cool!"

-Bradley Kiefer, Bass Player, 'shade'
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"Liz is amazing. If she's working it, she believes in it and just might kick someone's ass to make sure the music is heard. I have gotten consistent spins since working with Liz on such stations as KDGE in Dallas and KNOE in Monroe, LA. These stations and tons of other industry folks took notice of my chart success on specialty shows...a result of Liz's hard work. She rocks and I appreciate that."

-Zac Maloy, Zac Maloy
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"Liz Koch and Notorious Radio are the real fucking deal. If there is music to be heard, Notorious gets it done. Honesty, precision, and individual attention were the qualities I sought for the promotion of "Bang" by Green Rode Shotgun, and I found all of the above in Liz and Notorious Radio"

-Tige Casey, manager, Green Rode Shotgun
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"Coming from a label background helps Liz to see the big picture which helps bands both large & small. Her tenacious yet honest demeanor have opened many doors for projects I've put her on & I'd be glad to hire her again!"

-Tom Smith, Sr. Director of Promotion, Spitfire/EagleRock Records

"Liz is beyond awesome. She kept the band up-to-date, was honest and incredibly thorough. Her weekly reports were very detailed. She believed in our record and got brilliant results. Plus, she's just cool."

-Elizabeth Elkins, lead singer, Alastor
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"Liz's professionalism and industry contacts have added a new dimension to the way that They Walk in Line view radio. Her passion gives bands an outlet to compete with big fish in the big pond. Working with her has opened vast opportunities."

-Michael Romero, lead vocals/guitar, They Walk in Line
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"L.I.Z. and Notorious did a stellar job of promoting Johnny Socko to Specialty Radio. I have already contracted L.I.Z. to promote my next band, Small Town Sleeper, and will be hiring her again in the future whenever possible."

- Ken Lewis, Producer, Johnny Socko
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"Liz is a breath of fresh air! She constantly thinks outside the box and has shown tremendous faith and passion for this project. Her hard work has given The Waking Hours incredible exposure and introduced their music to the gatekeepers and the DJ's/Program Directors we would have ordinarily just dreamed would like this music, assuming it'd take a record deal to get their attention. Through Liz however, having our music find their ears is a reality. And they play it, and Liz hounds them to keep playing it and to keep them honest and focused on the love of the band's music. As a manager, I totally appreciate her accessibility, her customized weekly reports, and the fact that she'll go above and beyond without hesitation. Any questions I have or ideas I run by her are addressed immediately and thoroughly. She isn't just a hired gun, she's become part of the team. Liz often offers to stray from her defined role and sees her work as more than just servicing radio, harassing programmers, and issuing reports - instead she'll look at the big picture and the CAREER of this band... a very welcome perk of working with the Notorious L.I.Z."

-Adam Sloat, manager, The Waking Hours
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"The opportunity to work with Liz on our "Hovercraft LP" has been outstanding. In an industry plagued by flaky, emotionless individuals who drain the optimistic dollar of unknown bands without result, Liz stands out as a rare gem. She truly believes in the bands she works with, and this enthusiasm shines through in her dealings in the perilous world of Major Radio. Her knowledge, follow-through, and finesse have aided us tremendously in getting our music heard all over the US and generating a buzz in the industry. I can't wait to do it again next time!"

-Tony Parks, lead vocals/guitar, Firetrucs
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