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This page goes deeper in to what we are all about and how we will benefit YOU should we work together. Enjoy!

Please Note:
I cannot consider anyone as "on the schedule" unless at least a payment of half is made. This truly bums me out as for years I was able to deal mostly in handshakes, but you know what one bad apple can do. Or in this case, three. Thanks for your understanding!


What We Do
How We Are Different
The Process
What To Expect

What We Do

We are an Independent Radio Promotion & Marketing Company that specializes in unsigned & self-released bands and some small labels. WE WILL NEVER WORK WITH A MAJOR LABEL ARTIST...EVER. The essence of what we do is: get music we believe in to our contacts in radio, follow up with those contacts & try to gain airplay of your music. At the very least, should the record not take off the way we expected it to, we get feedback from these "tastemakers" which can be an incredibly valuable tool for an up & coming band. The formats we deal with are:

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Specialty Radio

There are a TON of Specialty/New Music shows out there on Commercial Radio, but our many years at the format have taught us, in short, who WILL play you as an up and coming artist & who NOT to waste our time on. We have established & maintained relationships with DJs at this format across the US. These shows are, in short, shows with the musicality of College Radio with the exposure of Commercial Radio. There is a Nationwide panel of DJs whose job is to program these shows- free of playlist restrictions. The DJs in turn report what they played to Industry Trade Magazines who compile all of these playlists from across the US into a chart. We also promote to a handful of web radio stations that are AGAIN, deemed "worthy" in our books.

So if you are an unsigned/independent Alternative, Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Dreampop, Garage, Punk, Emo or Indie Rock band this is the format for you. If your music matches this description, email us links to your music here.

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Americana/Roots Radio

Like Specialty Radio, there's a LOT of places you can send your music and get played on the radio. And we've dealt with most of them. Over time, we have whittled down that list to the folks that REALLY matter when starting out a record. Roots Radio means, to us, Americana, Bluegrass and Folk. If this fits your description, click here to submit your music.

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AAA & Non-Commercial Radio

The AAA/Non-Commercial format is a very artist-driven format. They play anything from Sting to The Indigo Girls to Los Lonely Boys to Dr John to Corrinne Bailey Rae to Phish to Keb 'Mo. We call it rock for people who don't like to ROCK, or pop for people who don't like POP. The folks at this panel are VERY picky about what they will & will NOT play, so WE have to be very picky about who we think will & will not work at the panel.

The thing we LOVE about AAA/Non-Comm is that they won't commit to playing an artist based on one song. There has to be at least 4 songs on an album that are good for them to put an artist into rotation. THAT means when they DO make an artist available or add them, their listeners know: it's quality. They have that trust built up with their audience, which makes for a very dedicated listening-base.

If your music leans a bit softer, you are a singer/songwriter or feel you've got the "square peg" syndrome (as in you're not sure WHERE you fit), please send us links to your music here.

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How We Are Different

We know there are a million independent promotion companies out there for you to choose from. Some we know to be reputable, some we know to be a rip-off. And, SPOILER ALERT, nobody can GUARANTEE succes at radio. No matter how much they charge. So, how are we different? Why should YOU choose US?

-We SPECIALIZE in the unsigned and self-released artists. A lot of companies will showcase a few up-and-coming bands here and there, while the majority of their roster are major label and major indie label bands. Guess who gets the bulk of their attention?

-We only promote to a select group of stations per format. Out of the hundreds to choose from, these are the ones we feel "get it" and aren't afraid to play up-and-coming bands as opposed to a playlist full of major label artists. This also keeps us from spreading our efforts too thin, to give YOU the focus.

-We keep a small roster, trying to limit our list to no more than 4 at a format in a MONTH. At NO time will we ever have you as a part of a laundry list of bands when we contact radio. YOU will always have our undivided attention.

-We don't pitch every band we listen to. It does us NO good to contact radio every week if we aren't 100% confident in what we are promoting. This also means if we are contacting you about moving forward, we are serious about wanting to work with YOU. And we think YOU have a great chance of airplay at the stations we work with.

-We put YOU in touch with the folks at radio who are supporting you. Lots of companies hang on to their contacts TIGHT. We believe in giving the artist every chance of success, and as such, we give you direct contact info for the very people who have helped make it possible, and can continue to make it possible years down the road.

-There are NO hidden fees. Some companies will quote you one thing then charge you another, be it for phone bills, exorbitant mailing costs, tour marketing, email blasts, etc. There are NO hidden fees with Notorious Radio. Included in our agreed upon fees (which ARE much lower than our competitors) we get your music played, handle tour marketing (where applicable), send you reports, feature you in your own exclusive email blasts as well as sharing with our other clients in our weekly email blasts to radio and put you in direct contact with your supporters. REALLY.

-See Final Week below.

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The Process

Radio promotion isn't supposed to be a behind the scenes effort. We believe in the straight-forward approach. Here is what will happen in your radio campaign (if you work with Notorious, that is):

In The Weeks Before
We will choose and agree upon a single. Once the agreed fees are paid, we will send over the mailing labels for the chosen stations we feel would be most responsive to your music. You will get added to the "Current Roster" page of our site.

Shipping Day
The mailing will go out, along with the stickered info on your unwrapped CD cover telling radio which track, which date we want airplay to start and our contact info. This gets your music listened to quicker. An e-card feature will be emailed to the radio folks to let them know to be on the lookout, along with an "album mini" (small jpg image of your CD cover) so they know WHAT to look for. There will also be a digital link to the music, either for streaming or download, TBD by YOU. ***Please note, as of April 2017, we are no longer able to offer shipping services as we do not have the space in our new digs.***

Week One
As playlists start to come in from radio, if you are on them, we will forward them to you. On Thursday/Friday you will receive your first report, in excel format, showing you the contacts and where you are at with each of them. They are color-coded as well: green means airplay, red means pass, and yellow means they are a TARGET. Blue are stations where I haven't been able to get ahold of them for a few weeks or have something going on to prevent contact. You will get one of these every other week for the duration of the campaign. There is also a column with the email addresses of the folks who are supporting you. Each report the NEW supperters are denoted with the word NEW (go figure). You will also be featured in our weekly newsletter to radio every week we work together.

Final Week
Just because it's your last week, that doesn't mean we won't still go after stations who seemed close to giving you airplay. That also doesn't mean we will ignore any questions you may have after the fact. If you end up touring within 6 months of the end of our campaign, we will still reach out to stations who supported you who are on your tour route. All for no additional fees (unless we agree to continue on in one month increments)! With us, the end doesn't mean THE END.

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What To Expect

This is the big question that is very hard to answer. The simple answer is: you now have proven yourself by getting this airplay! We have seen bands get booking agents and tour based on airplay we got them. We've seen musicians get 5-figure publishing deals by proving themselves in radio. We've seen bands get licensed on TV shows, commercials and movies. We've seen bands get signed (we've also seen bands who have gotten signed decide they are better off on their own). And we've even seen bands become superstars (Glasvegas, whom we worked as an MP3-only project in 2006 and Imagine Dragons who were also an MP3-only project in 2010).

But we can't promise that for ALL bands. NO ONE CAN. A lot does depend on what the band has in mind and has lined up. We CAN promise you a straight-forward radio campaign with as much devotion given to YOU as humanly possible that can give you more ammo for your arsenal to go on to bigger and better things.

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